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May 19th, 2014

SML Announces Grand Opening of United States RFID Technology & Innovation Center

SML Group, the global supply chain and retail solutions provider, hosted a multi-day event on May 12-14 to commemorate the grand opening of its RFID Technology & Innovation Center in Clayton, North Carolina. The center showcases cutting edge RFID technology, including tags, item-level RFID software, and hardware configurations, allowing partners, customers and SML Group employees to get hands-on experience with RFID in real-world environments.

This facility was constructed in response to the growth in demand by SML’s customers for item-level tags. SML saw high double-digit growth in revenue from sales related to its RFID solutions business, and expects continued strong growth due to increased RFID deployments in the retail sector. (more…)

May 14th, 2014

SML Opens U.S. RFID Technology & Innovation Center

SML’s new RFID Technology & Innovation Center in North Carolina features a simulated factory, warehouse and store where end users can view how RFID technology is used, as well as a laboratory for testing and innovating and a production facility for new inlays.

Read a full write-up about the new facility by Claire Swedberg at RFID Journal.

March 28th, 2014

Sponsored Report: Three Consumer Expectations That Are Transforming Online Shopping

The free Cross Channel Report 2014 from PWC and Apparel Magazine explains how retailers are addressing omnichannel (aka cross-channel). Note that the number one technology shoppers would like to have available in store is the ability to search inventory in real time, whether in their store, other stores, or online.

Download the Cross Channel Report 2014 report here.

March 19th, 2014

Xterprise’s Clarity™ Suite to Power SML Global RFID Technology and Innovation Centers

Xterprise’s Clarity™ Suite is already active in SML’s Corby, United Kingdom RFID Technology and Innovation Center, and will roll out in additional centers in the United States and Hong Kong later this year.

Carrollton, TX (PRWEB) March 11, 2014 – Xterprise, the Texas-based item-level RFID solutions provider known for its Clarity™ Item-Level RFID applications, has announced that its software will power all of SML Group’s RFID Technology and Innovation Centers, including the recently opened center in Corby, UK, where Clarity Inventory™ and Clarity ARS™ are already deployed. The centers are designed to serve the dual purpose of allowing SML Group to design and develop new innovations for RFID tagging applications, software, and solutions, while also enabling customers to get a hands-on understanding of Xterprise products, their ease of use, and the value they create for customers. (more…)

February 4th, 2014

Xterprise’s Clarity™ Item-level RFID Software Setting the Foundation for Omnichannel Fulfillment

Xterprise LLC, a subsidiary of SML Group, has seen its Clarity™ solution suite successfully integrated with e-commerce systems, enabling hundreds of stores worldwide to offer click-and-collect services and ship-from-store fulfillment of online orders facilitated by the reliable and precise inventory accuracy RFID provides. With discussions around RFID and omnichannel fulfillment taking center-stage at this year’s NRF, brand owners and retailers alike are maneuvering to keep on top of what promises to be an exciting and important way of delivering value to customers and dramatically improving inventory utilization. (more…)

January 14th, 2014

Xterprise Brings Solution+Tag (S+T) Pricing Model to the Retail Item-Level RFID Market

Xterprise (USA) L.L.C., a member of the SML Group and the RFID solutions arm of the company, announced today the bundling of its popular Clarity™ RFID Item-Level software, RFID hardware, implementation and support services with SML’s extensive line of RFID-enabled tags. The company has begun offering what it calls Solution+Tag, or S+T, pricing to brand owners and retailers, a move that could greatly simplify the purchasing process for RFID solutions, while accelerating return on investment and giving customers flexibility in the way they account for RFID-related expenses. (more…)

December 30th, 2013

SML Enters Into RFID Licensing Agreement with Round Rock

Round Rock

New York, NY, December 19, 2013 –(– A major US corporation within the SML Group has concluded a license agreement with Round Rock Research LLC for radio frequency identification (“RFID”) patents, thereby sweeping away the final hurdle that has inhibited growth in the RFID business for almost two years. Operating companies within the SML group are now all properly equipped to provide Round Rock Licensed RFID solutions to their customers. (more…)

December 5th, 2013

Why RFID Inventory Management Creates the Internet of Things

It’s buzzworthy… it’s unavoidable… it’s trendy… it is… The Internet of Things. What does the term mean, and, more importantly, what does it mean to a retailer (or everyday human being) today?

The “IoT”

The term “Internet of Things” (or IoT) was first popularized in an RFID Journal article written by Kevin Ashton, though similar ideas around interconnected objects had existed for quite some time. In the article, Ashton claims the term first originated in 1999 in a presentation he gave to Procter & Gamble. The term generally refers to the idea that, while information (bits and bytes) is certainly valuable, in the real world, things count even more. While the internet and the devices that connect to it are fantastic at managing information, they still do a very poor job managing things—where they are, what they contain, their current status, etc. (more…)

November 20th, 2013

Xterprise Announces New End-to-End RFID Item-level Solution & Milestones

-2013 has been a monumental year for Xterprise as they announce the launch of a product designed to revolutionize RFID inventory management.-

Carrollton, TX (PRWEB) November 20, 2013 – Xterprise (USA) L.L.C. (a member of SML Group), the Carrollton, Texas-based RFID software company specializing in inventory management solutions, announced today the industry’s first item-level, factory-to-point-of-sale RFID software application targeting the Brand Owner and Specialty Retailer market.

The new product, called Clarity Inventory™, was developed with the complete item life-cycle in mind, meaning that the software manages inventory processes at an item level from manufacturing plants, through distribution centers, and into retail stores. This, along with an improved, richer feature set, helps set it apart from the majority of RFID software applications on the market today. (more…)