SML RFID is pushing the retail and apparel industries into the future. Our RFID systems help retailers reduce shrink, maximize supply chain efficiency, reduce overall costs, improve inventory tracking, implement omnichannel and provide an enhanced customer experience. Our retail RFID system, the Clarity High-Definition Enterprise solution, has helped many businesses serve their customers by ensuring unprecedented levels of retail inventory efficiency and inventory accuracy, while eliminating out-of-stocks. Item-level RFID provides a huge competitive advantage to retailers who implement it.

End–to–End RFID Solutions



SML’s wide range of high quality tags include woven labels, printed fabric labels, EAS, RFID, heat-transfer, packaging, specialty trims, printed paper products, etc


In-plant Printing

FlexiPrint enables RFID tags, stickers, hangtags and care labels to be printed, EPC encoded and verified at your location.


Service Bureau

SML’s globally located Service Bureaus allows for standard and high end RFID brand identification labels to be delivered anywhere in the world within 7 days from receipt of the SKU.


Clarity™ offers a powerful feature set that can be utilized throughout the supply chain, whether auditing factory shipments, tagging in DCs, or counting stock in stores.