7 Reasons Why We Love RFID Technology… And You Should Too!

As more industries have adopted RFID, businesses of all kinds have discovered new ways to make the best use of this valuable technology. Here are some of the primary reasons why we here at SML RFID, along with retailers worldwide, love RFID technology. And if you want to be successful in business, you should embrace this technology as soon as possible as well.

1) RFID technology is the missing link that connects things and people

RFID solutions like Clarity® Inventory™ connect retailers to their inventory with real-time visibility, making it simple to maintain an accurate record of complete inventory per item, both on the sales floor and in the stock room. Not only does this help eliminate missed sales due to out-of-stock situations, but it allows for much smarter inventory management to optimize profits.

Likewise, RFID enables a consistent customer experience across all marketing channels, allowing today’s savvy customer to connect to your brand in a more personal and satisfying way.

Not only is this connectivity important in current business processes, but as the Internet of Things (IoT) continues to grow and solidify, tomorrow’s ecosystem of devices and objects will also be connected wirelessly to each other, revolutionizing the way we work and go about our daily lives. RFID is the glue that will hold the IoT network together, thanks to its superior and cost-effective auto-identification capabilities.

2) RFID is able to blend into our lives

Unlike bulky EAS sensors, RFID tags are unobtrusive. This is particularly important in high-end retail, where the customer experience is paramount. The RFID tag is quickly and easily scanned by sales staff, speeding up checkout, and it also serves as an effective measure to reduce internal shrink. In fact, American Apparel reported a reduction of more than 50 percent in internal shrink after implementing the Clarity® Inventory RFID solution.

3) RFID makes our lives easier

In most applications, RFID technology doesn’t require behavioral changes, inconveniences, extra steps or new processes. RFID systems can be easily integrated into existing retail and enterprise systems for improved functionality that simplifies inventory management and replenishment.

4) RFID saves time

Implementing an item-level RFID inventory system makes employees’ lives easier and more productive, eliminating tedious, manual tasks to free them up to focus on customer service. Likewise, RFID saves time for customers whether they are shopping in-store or online, providing a superior customer experience and helping to increase brand loyalty.

5) RFID reduces waste

It’s not hard to understand why excess inventory is a form of waste. When a retailer is required to carry excess product as a buffer against inaccurate stock counts, that additional inventory is inevitably marked down or even discarded. Even with fairly accurate demand forecasts, the introduction of omnichannel retailing has forced retailers to require as much as 2-3x more product than required on the sales floor in order to ensure an online order can be fulfilled without shorting the store. With RFID technology, stock counts are incredibly accurate and omnichannel orders can be fulfilled without requiring as much safety buffer, effectively reducing store inventory.

6) RFID makes employees happier

Repetitively counting just about anything by hand is, well, boring.  Your employees don’t want to do it, and it is a thankless task: they can never be sure they were completely accurate (little upside) and they can get in trouble for losing count (big downside). With RFID, taking stock is a breeze—even enjoyable!  The simple feedback loop of taking stock with a handheld scanner is almost game-like in its simplicity, and lest you think we’ve gone over the moon, employees of several deployed customers have said they love the new system, some even going so far as to say they’d quit if forced to return to the olden days of “manual labor.”

7) RFID helps you geek out

It’s no secret that we’re a bit on the…geeky…side at SML RFID. We like data, analysis, and actionable information, which is exactly what item-level RFID technology gives retailers on a whole new level.  Because you can look at the “behavior” of specific items at an item level, there is a plethora of analytics that can be driven by the technology. Want to know how long the item you put on the bottom shelf stays there compared to one on the top shelf? With a little ingenuity and RFID, you can see for yourself!

If you’re an RFID lover, drop us a line at [email protected] and let us know how we can help you consummate your passion!