A Visit From Clarity®

visit from clarity

‘Twas the night before audit, and all through the store,

Racks were on markdown, half off or more!

Clothes sat in piles and shoes went unmated,

Some sat there so long they couldn’t be dated;

Styles from last Spring still hung around,

Who knew what remained on gondola or round?

Inventory visibility was so poor,

People’d just grab stuff and walk out the door;

So I loosened my tie and took a swig of my flask,

Preparing myself for the tortuous task;

When in back stock there arose such a clatter,

I called security to check into the matter.

But what to my wondering eyes then arose

But Clarity® on iOS, Android and Windows!

“My dear manager, what seems so wrong?

Your eyes look so dreary, your face is so long,”

Said the man wearing red, smart I could tell,

With a name tag that read “Xterprise/SML”.

I replied, “I have to take inventory;

I’m afraid it will take until the next morning.

Stock counts are off a percentage or twenty,

Over and under, too few and too many;

Out-of-stocks have become such a problem,

No one can tell if we need ‘em or got ‘em.”

“My friend,” said he, “I’ve got the solution;

It’s called Clarity®, there’s no substitution.

Near perfect accuracy hand counts can’t handle,

Plus it helps you boost sales and do omnichannel;

Cut shrink, reduce inventory, clean up this mess;

It even integrates with your POS!”

He whipped out his handheld, I took a step back,

As he began counting the bras and the slacks;

Thousands of items every couple of minutes,

Were counted, and just like that he was finished.

A wink of his eye and a nod of his head

Told me cycle counts had lost all their dread;

He turned on his heels, and walked out the door,

Leaving me a fully replenished sales floor.

But I heard him exclaim, ere he drove out of sight–

“Thanks to Clarity®, your stock counts are right!”

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from SML RFID! Stay tuned for big changes as we look forward to working with you throughout a wonderful 2015!