SML RFID FactoryCare™

The item-level RFID solution that allows you to deliver products more accurately and efficiently with asset visibility at the source, where products are tagged.

SML RFID FactoryCare

About SML RFID FactoryCare™

SML RFID FactoryCare™ uses the full suite of SML RFID products, including the enterprise-class Clarity® inventory management software, enabling you to validate RFID tags on products and significantly reduce human error.

FactoryCare™ features include:

  • Read tags
  • Geiger search and find
  • Tag validation
  • Product validation
  • Box packing
  • Box auditing

Accuracy, speed, and quality are mandatory when it comes to delivering products from factories to retailers. Delays and return orders due to mistagging and validation failures on RFID-tagged products can chip away at the bottom line. With our help, the world’s leading retailers have successfully implemented item-level RFID technology in-store. At the same time, manufacturers work with us to ensure products reach them seamlessly.




SML RFID FactoryCare™


Benefits to manufacturers:

  • Improves sort/pick rate
  • Reduces errors due to tag malfunctions and mistagging
  • Increases operations efficiency
  • Saves labor costs
  • Reduces cross-docking time and lead time

Benefits to retailers:

  • Asset visibility at source
  • Full inventory history tracing back to manufacturers
  • Less lead time means more confidence in  delivering omnichannel experience

The FactoryCare™ solution encompasses  RFID tags, RFID handheld readers, the Clarity® software system, and turnkey service (on-site training, system installation and maintenance, technical support, and tag encoding service).


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SML RFID FactoryCare

SML RFID announces FactoryCare™ offering to manage RFID-tagged products from source to store

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