SML RFID TotalCare™

A one-stop-shop for all Retail item-level RFID needs. Simplify RFID adoption and maximize returns.

About SML RFID TotalCare™

SML’s RFID TotalCare™ suite of technology and services help brand owners rethink how they comply with the requirements with minimal financial impact as well as leverage the technology bringing value directly to them.

SML’s RFID TotalCare™ offering has been designed to deliver both immediate and long-term business value for brand owners facing new or changing retailer mandates. This all-in-one systemic package provides a complete range of RFID solutions, including:

  • Inspire™ RFID Tag Solutions
    • Development within current product categories
    • High-quality source tagging at factory, enhancing processes in factories and distribution centers
  • Clarity® Enterprise Level RFID Software Solutions
    • RFID Revolutionizing inventory accuracy in stores, warehouses and distribution centers
  • Professonal Services
    • A complete suite of consulting services to help maximize return on investments across the product life cycle
  • Retail Ideation Space (RIS)
    • Real-world technology collaboration space
    • Designed to enable retailers and brand owners to experience and test some of the latest technologies and developments


Inspire™ RFID Tags Solutions

Clarity® Enterprise Level RFID Software Solutions

RIS & Professional Services

If you have questions about RFIDTotalCare™, send inquiries to [email protected].