Where is the Biggest ROI in Retail?

During the decades that RFID technology has been in commercial use, case studies from a number of different industries have proven a multitude of benefits. As a result, the technology has been successfully applied to a wide range of applications, from access control to supply chain management. But for many retailers, the question remains: Which application delivers the best return […]

Making Retail RFID Deployment Simple to Maximize ROI

More and more retailers are looking into RFID for inventory management as the business value is proven time and time again. And for good reason. Real-world case studies demonstrate that item-level RFID tracking helps decrease inventory by more than 10 percent, reduce out-of-stocks by at least 50 percent, and increase sales from 2-14 percent – all while eliminating […]

Tesco Seeks Greater Clarity® to Better Serve its F&F Clothing Customers

It would be difficult to overstate how competitive the retail apparel market can be. Beyond the challenge of staying ahead of the latest trends in clothing and accessories, the successful retailer needs to anticipate exactly which items will attract their best customers and keep them coming back to the store. British multinational grocery and merchandise retailer Tesco is keenly familiar with […]

How Much Faster is RFID for Retail Inventory Management?

  In the past, conducting manual audits traditionally was the only way to get better visibility into inventory. However, this was a rare occurrence in retail, due to the time and expense required, resulting in retailers running their business on outdated inventory information more than 300 days per year. Fortunately, retail inventory management with RFID technology is significantly faster and […]

Why Apparel Retail Analytics Need Item-Level RFID

Most retailers today have access to loads of data – much more than in years past. Big data is everywhere, and the name of the game is “analytics.” However, if a retailer’s inventory data is less than 80 percent accurate, what good is the hottest analytical software? It’s like looking at a 1 megapixel image […]

SML Group Launches GB3_R6 and MAZE_R6 Inlays Based On Impinj Monza® R6 Chip

Leading apparel brand identification solution provider, SML Group, just announced the launch of the GB3_R6 and MAZE_R6 inlays for high-volume retail applications. Both RAIN RFID inlays are based on the Impinj Monza R6 chip, which combines breakthrough features and unprecedented performance. The GB3_R6 and MAZE_R6 inlays are designed to bring retailers and brand owners significantly […]