Combining advanced technologies and RFID to enhance the omnichannel customer experience

Many retailers are only now waking up to the potential of RFID, due to their direct connection to consumer needs, more than any other trading partner in the retail supply chain. The pressure is on retail businesses to deliver the accurate, seamless and fast shopping experience their customers have now come to expect. It is therefore not surprising that the retail RFID market adoption is expected to reach over 35 Billion tags annually and over 200,000 stores using the technology to transform operations.

Item-Level RFID technologies, enabling inventory accuracy’s of over 98%, ensure that retailers can drive more efficient store processes and new levels of consumer satisfaction. The technology is a critical component of the journey that retailers have entered to transform their operations into digital age. The innovative technology of RFID has the power to unlock the digital potential in businesses core systems, including, inventory management, product availability and financial operations. Behind the adoption of RFID, is the live or die transformation retailers are going through around implementing effective omnichannel strategies, driven by our changes in how we shop and buy products.

RFID based Omnichannel Provide a Seamless Shopping Experience

Implementing an omnichannel strategy ensures that customers and retail staff have seamless access to the many RFID benefits related to inventory visibility, including the ability to make purchases across all retail shopping environments and skipping checkout queues. Omnichannel offers seamless integration by bridging the communication gaps that exist between a retailer’s in-store shopping environment, website and telephone.

Through the implementation of omnichannel with item-level RFID technology, retailers integrate their enterprise systems across the scope of a customer’s shopping experience. Customers are also able to access store inventory information from their computers, buy the item on their smartphones, and then pick the items up at a location most convenient to them.

Enhancing Manufacturer and Retail Partnerships

As retailers are increasingly recognizing the benefits of RFID, they are now turning to manufacturers to implement the technology at the manufacturing end of the supply chain, before products reach distribution centers, allowing for efficiency on both ends of the delivery process. In fact, retailers are receiving shipments faster and with higher accuracy as a result of utilizing RFID in the distribution centers.

Manufacturers are also seeing improvements on shipping and picking accuracy, whilst also seeing reductions in inventory write-downs. The benefits that manufacturers are realizing from RFID technology include increased ability to track products through complex shipping routes, as well as lower inspection costs and greatly reduced shrinkage.

Is Item-Level RFID in retail here to stay?

Looking to the future, Item-Level RFID technology will continue to be one of the key elements driving digital transformation and the new era of retailing. Its power and ability to accurately track individual items will continue to provide unique value for both online and in-store shoppers, enriching and extending the omnichannel customer experience.