Connecting retailers with RFID solutions around the world

The RFID industry has grown rapidly over the last few years and continues to do so. With this rapid increase, retailers are beginning to see the significant ROI from the technology and, as-a-result, adopting the technology at a rate of over 30% each year. However, many retailers are still apprehensive in the rollout of this technology, as they worry implementation can take long periods of time, whilst causing a number of disruptions to their daily processes.

It is beneficial for retailers to implement their RFID solutions as quickly as possible in order to not miss inventory accuracies and keep up with customer demands. This is essential for retailers as the technology can provide them with an inventory accuracy of 98%, allowing them to avoid out-of-stocks and improving customer experience as a result.

With the adoption of RFID continuing to grow rapidly, it is vital for providers to remain agile and offer their customers the best possible solutions. Through ensuring the production of RFID solutions on a global scale, retailers can see much quicker delivery times and significantly minimize the time taken to rollout the technology.

A Global Service Bureau Network

By having various locations across the world, RFID providers can ensure they supply retailers with extremely fast delivery times, thus enabling them to implement RFID solutions across their products and roll the technology out within a matter of days instead of months. Faster implementation leads to rapid results as the technology continue to prove itself.

In order to accommodate the need to offer quick delivery to their customers, SML currently has service bureaus around the world, from Asia to Europe and the Americas, which provide high-quality encoded tags to retailers within a matter of days. Our number of service bureaus has doubled over the past three years and this growth is predicted to continue.

SML offers a range of price tickets, tags and inlays, all of which have a fast response time to produce these due to our numerous scanners at localized hubs around the world. Through providing fast delivery rates, customers are provided with a better value offering and faster delivery times in comparison to competitors. Our hubs can offer local customer support, with the benefit of support staff speaking the same language as customers and are also in the same time zone.

In the last 12 months, SML produced over 1.4 billion encoded RFID tags to 95% of the world’s retail RFID rollouts. Our numerous locations across the world mean that SML is fully equipped to support global RFID rollout to retailers. Through working together with retailers and brand owners, SML can help retailers with its outstanding product development innovation to help implement RFID tags into products as close to a cost neutral position as possible.