RFID Journal LIVE! Webinar 2019

Date: February 26th, 2019 (Tuesday)

Time: 10AM-11AM (CST Time)




Debunking Myths about ROI for Item-Level RFID in Retail.


Please Join SML’s Chief Technology Officer and Senior Vice President of RFID Solutions, Dean Frew for a new webinar, hosted by RFID Journal discussing the myths of ROI for Item-Level RFID in Retail.

It is clear that retailers are accelerating in the adoption of Item-Level RFID. RFID brings many benefits for retailers, including a significant improvement on their return of investment across the business and enhancing the overall experience for customers, and achieve these results with a SIMPLE INNOVATIVE approach. It is clear that the topic of RFID has become a strong talking point amongst many retailers.

Dean will provide insights into how adopting this transformative technology to enhance retail operation models can help give the best ROI for retailers, disproving the current myths that exist around ROI and Item-Level RFID for retailers.

The webinar aims to provide attendees with clear insights into how retailers can utilize RFID technology, whilst also addressing the key benefits in transforming their daily operations and provide rapid ROI. The webinar will also cover best practices for retailers when adopting RFID; the technology behind the pragmatic revolution of retailing.

Registration for the webinar, hosted by RFID Journal is available here: https://www.rfidjournalevents.com/webinars/retail-myths