Webinar: How an End-to-End RFID Solutions Approach Has Reduced Risk and Accelerated ROIs for Retailers Around the Globe

Please join SML Group’s Chief Technology Officer and Senior VP for RFID Solutions, Dean Frew, and Senior VP of Americas, Gary Moskovciak, for a new webinar on how an end-to-end Item-Level RFID approach leads to enhanced results for global retailers in this new era in retailing.

Retailers are currently adopting RFID at a rate of 30%, which is estimated to increase to 50% by 2020. Further adoption is being accelerated as more global retailers are reporting on the success of their own deployments, which is enabling them to achieve up to 98% inventory accuracy. SML executives will share their lessons learned and what’s on the horizon for the market.

Hosted by RFID Journal, the webinar will see SML RFID draw on the lessons learned from across the market, from source tagging to in-store operations and ROIs. SML RFID is the technology partner behind some of the largest global RFID successes within the retail industry, and the brand behind the new era of retail.

The webinar aims to provide valuable insight for attendees by looking into how RFID technology can revolutionize their daily operations, avoid out of stocks and maximize sales opportunities.

Register for the webinar here.