How Herman Kay is Achieving Success in the Supply Chain

The road to success in the supply chain begins with a solid business value assessment and a phased RFID deployment, as demonstrated recently by SML Intelligent Inventory Solutions (IIS) for global coat and outerwear manufacturer Herman Kay Company Ltd.

Herman Kay holds the license to manufacture and market outerwear bearing such prestigious brand names as London Fog, Michael Kors and Anne Klein, selling the apparel to Macy’s, JCPenney, Dillard’s, Nordstrom and other large retailers. Prompted by a request from Macy’s, the company began researching RFID and then selected SML to help manage garments it manufactures and ships to customers.

SML’s business value assessment provided Herman Kay with an in-depth analysis of projected return on investment (ROI) scenarios for conservative, moderate and aggressive deployment. Thus, SML helped develop a five-phase RFID deployment plan that was first implemented in the order-checking process at Herman Kay’s distribution center in Douglas, Georgia. This deployment is one of the largest, most comprehensive supply chain deployments in the apparel industry.

SML is now the provider of RFID tags and solutions for Herman Kay. By working with a full solution provider, Herman Kay simplified and sped up deployment, leveraging SML’s many years of experience in retail technology. The EPC C1G2 standard ensures interoperability to allow for second sourcing of UHF RFID tags, with SML providing more than 50 percent of the tags needed.

With the capability to print labels and tag items at the source, Herman Kay takes full control of the supply chain, from the factory floor to the store. As a result, the manufacturer is achieving close to 100% accurate shipments to customers for an improved reordering process and no chargebacks.

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