SML enters new RFID markets

Originally published on Labels & Labeling

SML, a developer of RFID tags has moved into six tangential markets that can benefit from item-level RFID technology.

Sharing many of the same business case elements and omnichannel models that are driving adoption in the apparel and footwear segments, SML has identified the following market segments to pursue item-level inventory management: mobile phones and accessories; cosmetics and fragrance; eyewear; wine and spirits; food; and retail pharma.

‘These segments share the same major challenges and resultant pain points with assortment inventory accuracy that has been found inside the apparel and footwear segment,’ said Dean Frew, chief technology officer and senior vice president of RFID solutions, SML Group. ‘Our market analysis shows that all of these segments have significant issues with inventory accuracy, and when you combine state-of-the-art RFID tag technology with best in class item-level inventory management functionality, unprecedented results are easily available.’

SML uses unique RFID tagging designed to address traditionally tough categories. Case studies demonstrate that SML’s Clarity® product greatly improves inventory accuracy, with retailers experiencing greater than 98 percent accuracy. Clarity® has been designed to enable full operational control and new inventory management processes based on years of in-store experience.