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inlay product guide 2018

Inlay Product Guide 2018

WP - How To Choose An RFID Inlay

How to Choose an RFID Inlay

rfid inventory software

Clarity: RFID-Powered Item-Level Inventory Management

update: american apparel case study

American Apparel Case Study Update: The 10 Crucial Lessons Learned From the First-Ever Global RFID Deployment

retail inventory management

New Era of Retail Inventory Management

retail intelligent inventory solutions

Retail Intelligent Inventory Solutions: The Advantages of Event-Driven, Item-Level RFID Inventory Management for Apparel

winning in retail with RFID

Winning in Retail with RFID


Flexiprint Whitepaper: SML In-Plant Printing Solution – Projecting PRINT & ENCODE Capabilities to Wherever You Are!

rfid service beareaus

Global Service Bureau Whitepaper: Largest Network of RFID Service Bureaus in the World

internet of things retail

RFID: The Backbone of the Internet of Things Retail An Examination of the Implications for Retail

retail 3.0

SML Retail 3.0

rfid roundtable

RFID Roundtable – RFID Challenges and Opportunities

rfid service beareaus

SML RFID eBook: Retailers reap the RFID rewards. Increase inventory management efficiency.

tesco case study

Case Study: Using RFID to Take Customer Service to the Next Level

mobile technology retailer whitepaper

How Can Mobile Technology Retailers Leverage Item-Level RFID to Reduce Shrink and Out-of-Stocks?


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