RFID Solutions for Eyewear

SML’s RFID eyewear solution has unique tagging technology to ensure display compliance and auto replenishments for on-shelf availability.

Eyewear Market

Remember the days when you paid less than $100 for a pair of prescription glasses? Those days are gone. Sunglasses to prescription glasses cost over $200 on average. With major brands carrying their own lines of glasses, this market has grown to over $95 billion worldwide. With this growth there are supply chain and inventory management challenges that we address with SML RFID solutions.

SML offers the Clarity® RFID cloud-based software solution to manage store operations and provide much higher levels of inventory accuracy than manual barcode methods at SKU level. With item level intelligence, it is easy to manage inventory and optimize replenishment cycles to eliminate out of stocks and deliver sales uplift.


SML Unique Solution for Eyewear

Our engineers have designed a specific RFID tag for eye glasses. When the tag is applied to the temple of the glasses, the ground contacts touch each other to increase the read range performance providing excellent readability in store displays and reducing inventory counting time. SML’s unique tagging solution for eyewear will ensure display compliance and ensure replenishments are done for on-shelf availability.




RFID Tag Products for Eyewear Solutions

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