Fragrance and Cosmetics: RFID Solutions for Beauty

SML designs smart RF friendly packaging solutions for fragrance, cosmetics and beauty products.

Challenges in Fragrance and Cosmetics

Cosmetics, Fragrance, and Beauty products have seen explosive growth in the global markets. Fragrance alone exceeded US $45 Billion globally. Facing double digit growth rates every year, retailers in the beauty sector are facing numerous challenges in store operations and inventory management. SKU complexity is high and inventory turns are high. RFID technology lends itself to offer effective solutions for beauty retailers.

SML offers Clarity® RFID cloud-based software solution to manage store operations and provide much higher levels of inventory accuracy than manual barcode methods at SKU level. With item level intelligence, it is easy to manage inventory and optimize replenishment cycles to eliminate out of stocks and deliver sales uplift.


Overcoming Hurdles in the Fragrance and Cosmetics Market

With so many different inlays and manufacturers to choose from it’s hard to know which inlay is Loss prevention solutions are needed as theft is high. These beauty products are usually small in size, but the dollar value is high. Majority of these products contain glass/metal/liquid content posing a challenge in terms of RFID read range performance. SML has a unique position in offering RFID as EAS solution for loss prevention and deliver tagging solutions on hard to tag items with RF friendly tagging solutions with many years of packaging design experience.


RFID Tag Products for Fragrance and Cosmetics Solutions

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