Quick Service Restaurant RFID Solutions

With the quick service restaurant industry moving faster and margins getting thinner, the use of radio frequency identification is helping it to evolve beyond the current manual inventory systems and drive to keep product accurate and fresh.  Not to mention the need to stay competitive in ordering, speed, and efficiency, especially in today’s environment. 


Restaurant RFID Technology Trends

Many challenges threaten the operational flow of the supply chain into restaurants.  Challenges like bad or damaged lots, expired product, inaccurate shipments, stockouts, and surpluses due to restaurant inventory inaccuracies can make day-to-day operations difficult.  Quick Service Restaurants (QSR) are beginning /to leverage RFID to lessen these challenges and rise above the rest with modern techniques.

There has been a big change in the restaurant industry and guest expectations and takeout ruled 2020.  The takeout or buy-online-pickup-in-restaurant is shaping the food industry making it even more important to know exactly how much product and supplies are available. 

Benefits for RFID in Restaurants Include

  • Track delivery data throughout the supply chain – Track product further up the supply chain, from grower to supplier to commissary to distribution center to the restaurant
  • In-Restaurant Receiving – Scan incoming items faster and compare with a shipping manifest with RFID versus manually counts and referencing written packing lists
  • Remove Expired product – Send alerts to warn about expired and about-to-expire product
  • Enable daily or weekly stock counts– Fast RFID scanning provides near real-time inventory accuracy reducing understatements and overstatements along with labor associated with nightly refrigerator/freezer cycle counts
  • Eliminate bad lots quickly – Whether in the restaurant or the distribution center, RFID can help locate a lot marked as bad faster and provide greater inventory accuracy

With such a large part of the food delivery flow in the hands of third parties, it’s not surprising food providers are turning to RFID data collection and analysis to better understand their delivery operations.  Please Contact Us to learn how SML has helped restaurants modernize with RFID technology.