Wine and Spirits RFID Solution

SML has unique RFID wine and spirits solutions that will increase sales, reduce shrink and enable emerging omnichannel models.

Wine and Spirits RFID Solution

With countless varieties of wines and spirits, opportunities to use RFID technology for solutions in this sector are abundant. US sales of wines topped $19 Billion. In addition to inventory management, wine and spirits markets have significant pain points around brand authentication, and tamper proofing solutions.

SML offers Clarity® RFID cloud-based software solution to manage store operations and provide much higher levels of inventory accuracy than manual barcode methods at SKU level. With item level intelligence, it is easy to manage inventory and optimize replenishment cycles to eliminate out of stocks and deliver sales uplift.


SML Unique Solution for Wine and Spirits

Our engineers have designed a specific RFID tag for bottles/wines. Many varieties of wines and liquor bottles have metal foil around the neck of the bottle. SML bottle tag, when applied keeps the inlay away from the liquid, glass, and foil to deliver excellent read range performance. Tags can be printed with unique serialized QR images for brand authentication and consumer engagement with smart phones to learn more about the product. Brands will have the ability for geo location of customers and situational awareness of where their products are being sold.


RFID Tag Products for Wine and Spirits Solutions

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