November 8th, 2016

Decathlon Expands RFID Program

Originally posted on Internet Retailing

Decathlon [IRDX RDEC] is expanding its RFID program as it works the tags into all of its products in order to manage inventory and to keep goods secure.

The sporting goods retailer, an Elite trader in IREU Top500 research, is continuing an existing supply program with SML Group in a new phase that will see it provide more than 200m labels to Decathlon’s network of vendors as the retailer works towards using the solution in all its products.

The RFID stickers and labels are sewn into clothing during manufacture. Each is programed with an individual Electronic Product Code (EPC) number to match the unique product SKU. SML says this item-level tracking has improved inventory management and ensured better availability of goods, while also reducing out-of-stocks and improving customer service.

Embisphere manages the RFID program for the French retailer, which has 26 stores in the UK.

Jerome Lemay, senior project manager at Embisphere, said: “We have efficiently worked together in support of the Decathlon program and we are pleased to see SML reach the landmark of delivering more than 400 million RFID labels over the past three years. We look forward to continuing this journey with SML as we expand the RFID solution to all of the Decathlon products.”

Philip Calderbank, SML Global RFID vice president, said: “In addition to inventory management, the RFID labels are linked to electronic article surveillance security tags on high value items. This allows Decathlon to take advantage of the tag theft prevention benefits to quickly identify missing products.”