November 22nd, 2016

Tesco Lists SML’s RFID Deployment as Factor in Increased Profitability

Tesco Partners with SML RFIDThis week, major UK retailer Tesco revealed some details to investors about what strategies have helped them achieve growth and profitability, as well as the strategies they’ll continue to focus on in the coming year. One of the major factors listed by Tesco in their plan is SML’s deployment of RFID technology in their F&F clothing stores. According to the report, RFID has helped 54 stores in the UK get back in profit. In addition, back room stock has been reduced by 19% and stock availability has risen from 93% to 96% in the last two years, which is a major factor in Tesco’s increasing profitability. SML’s RFID technology has no doubt contributed to this increase in inventory control.

SML is proud of it’s partnership with Tesco and looks forward to helping them streamline their operations. We will continue to help them become more and more profitable through by providing RFID technology that reduces operational costs, increases sales and provides unprecedented inventory visibility.