December 16th, 2016

Introducing the GB12R6 RFID Inlay

GB12R6 RFID inlaySML RFID is proud to announce an addition to our extensive selection of top-of-line RFID inlays for retail applications. The new GB12R6 RFID inlay is specially designed for use on items that have presented challenges when implementing RFID technology in the past. Such items include:

  • Books
  • Furniture
  • Glass
  • Wood
  • Plastic
  • Other items made of high-dielectric materials

The GB12R6 is very thin, which allows retailers to easily attach to items to track previously hard-to-tag items throughout their entire supply chain. This new inlay is just the latest entry in our expanding line of RFID tags that make it possible to track, manage and gather data on nearly any element of a retailer’s inventory, including pallets, cases, apparel, accessories, cosmetics, luggage and much more.

GB12R6 Meets All ARC Standards

The ARC Standards, developed by the RFID Lab at Auburn University, are a set of industry-wide performance standards intended to ensure that the RFID technology used to tag products meets or exceeds a level of performance that consistently benefits both retailers and retail suppliers in a cost-effective manner. The ARC program tests the performance of RFID tags that are both in-development and already available on the market. ARC works with retailers and their specific RFID use cases to analyze and maintain a database of RFID tags and their effectiveness in various applications. Overall, there are 11 categories by which retail RFID tags are judged.

It is difficult for any RFID tag to pass all 11 categories of the ARC specifications, and indeed, most retail RFID inlays currently on the market do not meet all 11 specs. However, the performance of the GB12R6 has been found by ARC to pass all 11 performance standards. This means that our new inlay is truly one of the best in the industry, providing optimal performance in just about any retail application at a reasonable price.

ARC-Approved RFID Inlays

In addition to the GB12R6, SML offers other RFID inlays that also meet all 11 categories of the ARC standards. In fact, SML offers more RFID inlays approved in all 11 categories than any other provider. We have six inlays that meet all the performance standards. They are:

  1. GB3R6
  2. GB3U7
  3. GB9R6
  4. MAZER6
  5. GB9U7
  6. GB12R6

This is a big accomplishment, but we haven’t been developing these inlays simply to boast. SML RFID creates ARC-approved technology because we’re always striving to find the best ways to serve our clients’ needs. Providing our customers with the most versatile and effective RFID solutions is a top priority for us. We will continue creating top-of-the-line RFID technology to provide our clients with the most high-performing systems that address the unique pain points in their businesses. For more information about SML’s line of RFID inlays, please see our inlay product guide.