August 8th, 2017

SML Sponsors RAIN RFID Alliance for the Retail Market

SML recently sponsored the global RAIN RFID Alliance meeting at the Amazon One facility in Seattle, Washington.  It was a great meeting in support of RAIN RFID, which fosters the advancement of UHF RFID technologies to help businesses and consumers identify, locate and authenticate items in our everyday world.

Florence Lo, RFID Sales Operations Manager at SML Group, led the RAIN Retail workgroup session and discussed the benefits and recent successes of RAIN technology in retail.  Florence also shared a presentation entitled “Simplifying RFID ROI for Retail Industry,” which is available for viewing online. The presentation covers the key components of a successful RAIN Retail application, including:

  • Focus on Inventory Accuracy
  • ROI Analysis
  • Technology / Business Process Selection
  • Tagging Strategy (DC, Source, etc.)
  • Application Scalability / Enterprise Integration Strategy
  • Project Team Structure

As a member of this RFID industry alliance, SML works together with colleagues to help advance RAIN RFID technology to benefit the retail industry. SML will continue to contribute their expertise to the RAIN Alliance and expand on applications of RFID technology in the retail industry.