November 3rd, 2016

Top RFID Retail Questions from SML RFID Pop Ups

SML RFID launched two RFID Retail Pop Up store demonstrations over the last several weeks in New York and London to satisfy the retail industry’s growing appetite for information, guidance and production. We had visits from brand owners that were just beginning to look into RFID, as well as seasoned retailers that had been using RFID for years.

The SML RFID Pop Up showcased how to implement RFID at the factory, in the distribution center and at the retail store. Prospects saw demonstrations of the latest in RFID retail technology from SML, NXP and Zebra implemented in some of the largest global retailers. SML also displayed its portfolio of RFID inlays, RFID tags and printing processes. Watch the video of our latest London Store:

During the event, we received some very interesting feedback and questions from retail industry professionals. We recently created some blog content to address these retail questions and concerns. Here are some answers to the top retail questions we’ve received, and we will continue to address similar customer concerns in upcoming blogs:

Question #1 – “We looked at RFID in the past and found that RFID tags were bulky and didn’t fit into our brand standard?

Answer: Bulky RFID tags have indeed been an adoption hurdle in the past – but not anymore. Check out our post titled “No More Bulky RFID Tags” to see how the technology has advanced and improved, allowing retailers to gain the benefits of RFID without sacrificing branding or design.

Question #2 – “Is there an ROI for implementing RFID at the distribution level?”

Answer: Absolutely. See our post titled “What Does It Take to Deploy RFID in the Retail Supply Chain?” to see our process for deploying RFID at the distribution level and the benefits that can be gained from doing so.

Question #3 – “What is the business case for implementing RFID at the retail store?”

Answer: Check out our blog titled “The Business Case for RFID in Retail Inventory Management” for an in-depth look at all the business advantages that an in-store deployment can provide. The post also lists the real-world benefits that SML’s RFID deployment has already provided to American Apparel.

Question #4 – “How do I choose an RFID tag for my retail items?”

Answer: Our post titled, “Choosing the Right RFID Inlays for Retail” shows the top four things you should look for when trying to choose the best RFID tags for your items.

Keep checking the SML RFID blog to see more answers to the most commonly asked retail questions related to RFID.