Encoding and Printing

Flexiprint printerBy utilizing our global network of service bureau locations, we are able to provide variable printed and RFID encoded labels to vendors and suppliers in less time and more locations. We also offer in-plant printing machines and consumables to be used with our print software and data management solutions. Our team can help you with on-site installation, operation setup and training so that you can print the tags you need at your convenience.

The Service Bureau receives variable encoding and printing data for each order based on predefined ‘mapping’ relationships between data and each printed element.

At the Service Bureau, the final check before Packing & Shipping is to Encode & QC. These machines make sure that:

  • The product is associated to the current order.
  • The barcode is readable.
  • The chip is readable.
  • No duplications are found (barcode or EPC).

Encoding and Printing: Piece Form Products

rfid encoded labels
encoding and printing