Our in-plant printing system solutions allow you to use your own printer, computer and stock to more conveniently produce labels and tags on your factory floor and in multiple sites, when and as you need them. We offer flexible printing capabilities through our Client App Print Job Manager and ready-to-use carton labeling, resulting in faster on-site printing processes and reduced human error.

FlexiPrint is ideal for use in:


The FlexiPrint solution is available in two convenient service model options, and includes four components for a total solution:

(1) Consumables (2) Equipment (3) Software and (4) Service.

Outright Purchase: SML supplies consumables with the option to purchase the entire bundle or separate components, according to your business needs.

Consignment: SML loans equipment under a contract- based agreement with certain conditions.

How Data Management Works in FlexiPrint

The FlexiPrint solution ecosystem includes:

E-Platform: An online system that manages all tag/label layouts artwork, EDI/manual data management, creating the print job, performs data validation, dynamic preview, etc.

FlexiPrint: Software installed locally that takes the downloaded print file and drives/manages the printer operations, print job queues, TID encoding, reprints, retagging of bad tags, etc.

Your best printer to go with the FlexiPrint solution!

Thermal Printer FP300/FP300R is the first thermal transfer label printer delivered by SML to strengthen FlexiPrint as the most comprehensive total solution for in-plant printing. The SML Thermal Printer offers a customized printer model, with its flexible operation and high-performance, proves itself an excellent partner to bring the best value of the FlexiPrint solution.

SML Thermal Printer FP300R supports RFID label printing and EPC encoding within the SML Thermal Printer FP300 model, when embedded with only a plug-in RFID module that employs high-quality RFID antenna technology.