Clarity® Technology

Clarity® is the only item-level RFID solution that is engineered and deployment-proven for vertical retailers and brand owners with stores.

Clarity® Technology All-in-One Retail Software Solution

Clarity® is our proprietary RFID item-level inventory management solution that provides faster, easier inventory execution, increasing both retail supply chain and individual store efficiency as well as integrating with your existing ERP or business intelligence systems.

The complete Clarity® suite contains all the functionality needed to improve supply chain efficiency and inventory management. It has been designed to enable full operational control and new inventory management processes based on years of in-store RFID experience.


Clarity® Solution Benefits

Item-level RFID offers significant benefits for improved apparel inventory management. Yet only one retail management software solution has been able to deliver on the promise of managing every item of every store across a major retail chain: SML IIS’s Clarity® solution, the tool for retailers wanting to reach the next level of inventory management.

With the Clarity® solution, you can collect more accurate and timely inventory data, helping you to make better decisions about appropriate inventory levels to match demand. In fact, one large, multinational apparel retailer has demonstrated greater than 98 percent improvement in inventory accuracy since implementing the SML RFID Clarity® solution. Customers using Clarity® are executing cycle counts of their complete store as often as 4 times a week and as infrequently as once a week, driving significant reductions in personnel cost and eliminating third-party audits.

Clarity® Powers the New Era of Retailing

Clarity® is powerful enough to support the largest enterprises and makes implementation, integration and extensibility easy, enabling the innovative use cases of today and tomorrow.

Use the Clarity® solution to execute on that information to fulfill enhanced processes in your store such as: intelligent replenishment, multi-store stock inquire, search and find, movement of items back into back stock, transfer of items out of the store and omnichannel picking in the store.

Most importantly, an accurate picture of what is selling and what is still sitting on the shelf, combined with the right tools, gives you the capability you need to improve your overall merchandizing execution and keep your customers coming back to shop in store.

With turnkey implementations, superior servicing and proven results, Clarity® is fast becoming the number one solution for apparel inventory management, delivering maximum ROI with simplified deployment.


Clarity® RFID Application Platform Supports iOS, Android and Windows 10- Powered Mobile Devices

Clarity® runs on mobile devices and the cloud for maximum scalability. The Clarity® solution can be used with handheld terminals running Windows, iOS and Android operating systems. In addition to having an array of functionality on a web dashboard, Clarity® delivers rich functionality on industry leading RFID handheld terminals, including NordicID and Zebra. Clarity® also uses fixed readers from Alien, Impinj, Nedap and Zebra, and numerous ceiling reader and robot technologies are currently being tested.

Want to learn more about how the Clarity® RFID solution can transform your business and maximize your supply chain efficiency? Contact us to discuss your business case.