RFID Brand Authentication 

Brand authentication, Consumer Engagement, Track & Trace Solutions

Brand Authentication and Consumer Engagement

Your brand is your identity.  Customers want to know if the product they bought is authentic, where and who made the product, and engage with the brand by registering the product for warranty and learn about other products and solutions offered by the brand.  In today’s global marketplace, counterfeit products in the grey market and diversion are key concerns in supply chain. Brands are looking for solutions that address these concerns and provide a way for consumer engagement.

SML offers unique cloud-based solutions that provides digital authentication by associating the EPC (electronic product code) of RFID tags with unique images and other attributes.  Consumers are simply able to use their mobile phones to scan an image to learn if the product is authentic, where and who made the product.



Track and Trace with RFID

Track and Trace solutions include pick, pack verification, shipping audits with RFID tunnels to ensure accurate shipments, and RFID enabled ASNs (advanced shipping notifications) for electronic proof of delivery with SML Clarity® software.  Manufacturers can design a shipment path and the track & trace module offers geo-location to ensure the shipment follows the designed path with real time alerts.

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