SML provides best-in-class inlay designs and RFID tag technology with its rapid development. Omnichannel without 98% inventory accuracy is just a broken promise waiting to happen.

Keeping Customers Happy with RFID Omnichannel

Your customers are delighted when they find exactly what they’re looking for, and they’re disappointed when they don’t. But customers are the most frustrated when the item they want is not available when and where it is promised.

Whether you’re executing a “Click and Pick-up in Store” or a “Pick from Store” model, omnichannel is all about the delivery of value through the customer’s preferred channel, which is a key to building loyalty. The ability to effectively and successfully implement this strategy requires a high degree of confidence in the integrity of your inventory data: confidence that the customer’s pick-up order is actually available at the store, and that a designated store has the product on-hand so they can pick it up or so it can be shipped same-day from the store.

Inaccurate inventory data in your enterprise makes executing an effective omnichannel model impossible. The SML RFID solution helps you keep that promise and ensure your customers are happy.



SML RFID Solution Benefits

The item-level SML RFID solution, including Clarity® software, enables a single, cohesive picture of inventory in real time across your entire enterprise – in the warehouse, POS system, on the sales floor and for omnichannel. You can match the right product with the right customer with confidence. Customers find that Clarity® extends the investment they have made in enterprise systems.

With the sophisticated SML item-level RFID solution, orders can be received, processed and shipped with higher accuracy, allowing you to be confident that products are available to be picked up in the store when promised. The complete RFID solution from SML is your secret weapon for effective, efficient omnichannel implementation, helping you build greater customer satisfaction and loyalty.


Additional Omnichannel Information

Want to learn more about how RFID retail inventory software can transform your business? Contact us to discuss how the SML RFID solution can provide clarity into your inventory, allowing you to implement a successful omnichannel strategy to attract and keep your best customers.