SML Leverages Leadership in RFID Apparel and Footwear to Enter New Markets

SML is an established global leader in delivering high performance and high quality encoded RFID tags for the majority of successful RFID retail projects around the world. In addition, SML is one of the top item-level RFID software solutions companies with more than 1000 stores live.

Today the company announces their entry into six tangential markets that can benefit from item-level RFID solutions, sharing many of the same business case elements and omnichannel models that are driving adoption in the apparel and footwear segments. SML has identified the following market segments to pursue item-level inventory management:

  • Mobile phone and accessories
  • Cosmetics & Fragrance
  • Eye Wear
  • Wine & Spirits
  • Food
  • Retail Pharma

These segments share the same major challenges and resultant pain points with assortment inventory accuracy that has been found inside the Apparel and Footwear segment. “Our market analysis shows that all of these segments have significant issues with inventory accuracy, and when you combine state of the art RFID tag technology with best in class item-level inventory management functionality, unprecedented results are easily available,” said Dean Frew, CTO/SVP RFID Solutions, SML Group.

Smartphone sales and accessory sales are in the billions of dollars. Inventory management has been difficult for stores with missing accessories and phone models at the retail level when customers are waiting to buy. SML has delivered an excellent solution to one of the top retailers in UK with hundreds of stores working in realtime to help a mobile phone provider reduce out of stock items, increase sales and reduce shrink.

Fragrance is one of the top sellers with high shrink rates. SML now has unique tagging and packaging solutions for this category that has been traditionally challenging due to liquids, metal content in foil/packaging. SML also has unique tagging solutions for eye-wear to ensure display compliance and auto replenishments for on-shelf availability.

In addition to the above segments, Wine & Spirits, Food, and Pharma also have significant pain points around brand authentication, verification, and diversion avoidance. With unique RFID tagging solutions designed to address traditionally tough categories, utilizing many years of know-how on product packaging design, inlay design, tag placement the SML Clarity® High-Definition Enterprise Solutions Offers a world class offering to new tangential RFID markets that will increase sales, reduce shrink and enable emerging omnichannel models.

Case studies demonstrate that the Clarity® solution greatly improves inventory accuracy, with retailers experiencing greater than 98 percent accuracy. Clarity® has been designed to enable full operational control and new inventory management processes based on years of in-store experience.

“Retailers attending NRF 2018 can visit SML booth #938 and talk to our experts about how retailers around the globe are finding value using SML RFID technology and solutions,” said Mr. Frew. For additional information, please contact us:

SML RFID is a global total brand identification solutions provider serving an international clientele consisting of top fashion brands and some of the world’s largest apparel retailers. SML RFID provides a complete suite of high performance RFID tag options and the largest global network of RFID service bureaus in the world and is the developer of market-leading RFID solutions that enable retailers to experience a new level of operational performance by using well-engineered RFID technology in their supply chain and in their stores.