SML Unveils GB3U8 RFID Inlays Powered by NXP’s UCODE 8 Chip

Today, SML has announced the latest addition to its range of high performance RFID inlays, the new GB3U8 inlay which is fully compliant with GS1 EPC Gen2v2 standard, supporting RAIN RFID with global UHF frequencies.

Measuring only 50x30mm, the GB3U8 RFID inlays are designed for use by omnichannel retailers in store and across supply chain deployments around the world.

The new inlay is the latest entry in SML’s extensive portfolio of RFID inlays which enable retailers to track, manage and gather data on a number of market applications including denim items, poly bags, apparel tags and boxed items.

Passing ARC All Categories by Auburn University Equates to Read Confidence

GB3U8 RFID Inlay

The GB3U8 RFID inlay design brought out the full capabilities of a new, highly sensitive RFID chip, UCODE 8, from NXP. The new GB3U8 inlay meets all active ARC categories by Auburn University: Spec A, B, C, D, M, F, G, I, K, N and Spec Q. The ARC Standards are a set of industry-wide performance requirements implemented to ensure that the RFID technology used meets or exceeds a level of performance that benefits both retailers and retail suppliers in a cost-effective manner.

The ARC program has been one of most respected and pioneered modern testing practices for retail RFID, therefore being accredited with this certification is a great achievement for SML as we strive to be the game changing technology behind the new era of retail.

SML RFID creates ARC-approved technology as it is always striving to find the best ways to serve retailers’ needs. Providing retailers with the most versatile and effective RFID solutions is the top priority for our RFID technology. SML RFID is continuing to create top-of-the-line technology to provide customers with the best, most high-performing systems that addresses the unique pain points in their businesses. For more information about SML’s line of RFID inlays, please see the full list of RFID inlays.

“The latest RFID inlay is another example of SML providing innovative solutions to our customers who are working to develop their RFID solutions,” said Dean Frew, Chief Technology Officer and Senior Vice President of RFID Solutions for SML Group. “The GB3U8 RFID inlay is the latest product that our team has developed to remain at the forefront of delivering RFID solutions for retailers around the globe”.

“The new GB3U8 inlay comes with a full set of capabilities which exactly what the retailers’ needs: Compact antenna design, global frequency coverage, omni-directional radiation pattern and exceptional sensitivity.” Adds Dr. Jeremy Liu, Vice President of RFID Technology, SML Group. “Combined with UCODE8’s best-in-class performance and features, we believe this is one of the best inlay suited for retail and fashion inventory management applications, especially long read distance and fast inventory of dense RFID tag population.”

With SML’s global footprint, the world largest service bureau network, innovative tag options and state of the art RFID research centers over the world, the company is continuously pushing the most innovative and powerful inlays to the market, which bring customers top of the line, cost-effective RFID inlays.