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Fact: The key to increasing profits in the store is to start tracking inventory from the factory floor.

rfid in the factory

In today’s retail business, it’s becoming more common to see store personnel taking stock with a handheld RFID reader. This is because the world’s leading brands know that retail RFID technology enables inventory accuracy greater than 98 percent and helps reduce out-of-stocks on the sales floor to less than 5 percent.

However, those retailers who only use RFID in-store are missing a piece of the puzzle — and missing out on even greater profits, cost savings and efficiency improvements.

Clarity™ is the intelligent solution that drives retail execution throughout the entire supply chain, delivering visibility and control by implementing RFID in the factory and all the way to the store.

Why Use RFID in the Factory?

The key to getting the most business value out of  retail RFID  technology  is to maintain visibility across the supply chain and maximize the opportunity for benefits. In other words, start at the beginning.

Beginning with the design process, valuable sample collections can be tracked with Clarity™ RFID software for better management and security.

Next, RFID tags are used to track apparel or other items through the factory for faster, more accurate processing. With source-tagging production facilities in 18 countries, SML is able to reliably deliver imprinted, encoded RFID tags and labels to your specifications when and where you need them for manufacturing, “close to the needle.” In fact, RFID tags are shipped from SML’s worldwide service bureaus direct to manufacturing already programmed with identification for each item, including EPC number, sku, size, color, manufacturing date, etc.

With the Clarity™ RFID solution, handheld readers are used for faster pick and pack shipping according to order, and the retail inventory software audits each box to ensure the order was fulfilled correctly. Once the cartons are packed, automated outbound shipment audits can be performed at item-level for quality control verification, eliminating claims of inaccurate shipments from distributors to reduce your risks and liabilities.

Complete transparency into what items are at which locations enables much faster omnichannel order fulfilment, and makes it easier to move merchandise around the supply chain, allowing you to be more responsive to customer demand. And along with up-to-the-minute inventory visibility comes the confidence to reduce safety stocks, which can run as high as 30 percent of total inventory.

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