Some may talk about scaled in-store implementations. We’ve actually done them.

rfid inventory management

Fact: Clarity™ is the only item-level RFID solution that is engineered and deployment-proven for vertical retailers and brand owners with stores.

rfid inventory management

Item-Level RFID Inventory Management at the Retail Store

RFID in retail is where the rubber hits the road. Your customers are delighted when they find what they’re looking for, and angry when they don’t. In-store RFID inventory management helps to make sure you deliver what the customer wants, when they want it.

With applications from intelligent dressing rooms to mere theft prevention, the promise of RFID has been explored thoroughly over the past 10 years. Despite the prevalence of different inventory solutions, however, only one retail RFID system has been able to deliver on the promise of visibility into every item of every store across a major retail chain: SML RFID’s Clarity™ suite.

With turnkey implementations and superior servicing and bundling, Clarity Inventory™ and ClarityARS™ are fast becoming the go-to solutions for in-store implementations.

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Two Solutions, One Promise

Which Clarity™ product is right for you?

SML RFID offers two inventory solutions that can be used in-store. The first is Clarity Inventory™, which can be used for item-level visibility throughout the supply chain and is perfect for retailers or brand owners driving an omnichannel strategy or looking for a cost-effective, fast in-store implementation.

The second solution is ClarityARS™, our fully-featured, incredibly easy to implement in-store-only solution that integrates with your existing POS system to give you unprecedented visibility, accuracy, and replenishment capability. If your focus is maximum retail inventory efficiency, ARS is the way to go.

Either way, if you’re looking for a fast, simple, impactful way to improve store operations, Clarity™’s in-store solutions are for you.

Kill Out-Of-Stocks

Losing a sale to a sales-floor out-of-stock is the unforgivable sin of retail operations. The customer made the effort. They wanted to buy. But the item sat in the stock room, safely tucked away for another day.

Many retailers experience out-of-stock rates of close to 25%. Even with a rate of just half that (12%), a retailer that turns inventory 5× a year can buy an additional inventory turn every 2 years by driving out-of-stocks to 2%—a realistic scenario with RFID inventory management.

Perhaps the most important reason for re-thinking the way you handle in-store inventory management is that reducing out-of-stocks typically leads to increased sales. The logic is simple: what isn’t there cannot be sold.

Fewer out-of-stocks, more turns, higher sales. That’s the power of Clarity™.

Drive Real Efficiency

No matter your perspective, in-store RFID makes you more efficient—more efficient replenishment, more efficient use of space, and more efficient use of capital.

SML RFID customers have reported a whopping 50% increase in SKUs/ft2, allowing them to showcase more items in-store and better utilize precious floor space. This space utilization is increasingly necessary to implement omnichannel operations and compete with the long-tail specialists of the online world.

Capital efficiency is important, too—the volume of inventory you are able to hold in-store directly affects borrowing limits—and in terms of return, retailers frequently see payback in as little as six months. Given ClarityARS™’s ease of implementation, making the switch is as low-risk a decision as today’s CFO/CIO will ever see.

Garbage In, Garbage Out

Data. There’s more being generated than ever before—petaflops worth—yet you still can’t seem to get enough. The challenge is separating data, which is worthless, from information, which is useful.

It is no secret in retail that inventory accuracy hovers between 70–80%. Retailers looking to remain agile in the face of constantly shifting demand and inventory pulled through multiple channels are basing their decisions on incomplete, inaccurate data. This necessitates longer planning cycles and lead times, and sluggish reactions to the changing market.

The benefits that Clarity™’s in-store retail RFID solutions provide are as obvious as they are immediate. Instant, near-real-time, transparent information on every single item in every single store. Slash lead times, accelerate replenishment, and turn data into actionable information, making your company an agile tiger in a land of elephants.

The Benefits of Clarity™

Both Clarity Inventory™ and ClarityARS™ were created especially for brand owners, vertically integrated retailers, and specialty retailers.

We offer the most comprehensive, easiest-to-implement retail RFID inventory management solution on the market, and more importantly, ours is the only middleware solution to have been battle tested across all stores and all items of a major specialty retailer as part of a full-scale deployment.

We’re proud of our product, we know what it can do, and we want it to improve your company’s in-store inventory visibility. Our goal is to give you the insight and clarity needed to make real, time-effective decisions.

If you’re interested in becoming a Store Operations Champion for your company, contact us and we’d be happy to walk you through the business case for your specific situation.