Flexible Purchasing Models for RFID Technology Rollouts

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rfid purchasing modelsJust as shoppers are not all the same — some consumers buy online, some like to make retail purchases in-store, and others prefer omnichannel —  the needs and business cases of retailers are not the same as well. SML’s retail RFID purchasing models are designed to help retailers accelerate adoption of RFID technology, reduce upfront costs and realize a faster return on investment (ROI). SML RFID offers free RFID business consultations to help retailers determine which purchasing model and solution best suits their business needs, whether they want to purchase the technology solution upfront, prefer a pay-as-you-go model, or something in-between.


The three SML purchasing models now available include:

SML Full Solution Capital Purchase:

This is the full Clarity™ RFID solution (software, hardware and services) purchased up front and capitalized.  RFID Tags/Labels would be purchased following traditional sourcing models.

SML Monthly Solution as a Service (SaaS):

This flexible SaaS model provides retailers with the Clarity™ RFID software and solution support for a monthly fee and pay for RFID hardware and implementation services up front on a capital purchase model. RFID Tags/Labels would be purchased following traditional sourcing models.

SML Solution Bundled in the Tag (BitT):

This innovative purchasing model incorporates all the Clarity™ solution costs bundled into an extended RFID tag contract price with zero upfront costs, putting all of the solution costs as part of Operations Expenses (OpEx). This option is designed to provide the fastest ROI and generate the fastest returns, eliminating a common barrier to adoption of RFID into retail stores.