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Fact: Clarity™ enables a smart, agile and efficient supply chain, driving lower costs, enhanced productivity and greater customer satisfaction.

RFID in the supply chain

It would be an understatement to say that the retail business can be challenging. In today’s world of rapid change, strategic advantage over the competition is not just a matter of choice — it’s a matter of survival. This is why the world’s leading brands are using retail RFID technology to squeeze as much efficiency as possible out of their vital supply chains.

Clarity RFID in the Supply Chain

RFID in the supply chain

Clarity™ RFID is the intelligent, all-in-one retail software solution that provides visibility and control over your entire supply chain from the factory floor to the store, reducing costs and out-of-stocks to maximize efficiency, sales and ROI.

The Clarity™ solution gives you complete, up-to-the-minute visibility into your entire supply chain, end-to-end, with more accuracy than ever before possible. With item-level retail inventory management  you can track retail assets from manufacturing to receiving, from the back room to the sales floor, from the point of sale to the customer.

Disrupting the traditional business model with Clarity™ transforms your supply chain to be more transparent, flexible and agile, enabling better insights and analytics for smarter, more effective decision making. A smarter, more productive supply chain allows you to respond quickly to developing trends in consumer behavior, such as the growth of omnichannel and Retail 3.0.

Contact us to discuss how Clarity™ retail inventory software can transform your business case, allowing you to capture the strategic advantages of RFID in the supply chain before your competition.

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