Watch Again: How an End-to-End RFID Solutions Approach Has Reduced Risk and Accelerated ROI for Retailers Around the Globe

Retailers are accelerating their adoption of radio frequency identification to improve inventory accuracy and dramatically boost customer service. Dean Frew, CTO and Senior VP of RFID Solutions at SML Group and Gary Moskovciak, Senior VP of Americas Region at SML Group presented some of the lessons learned across the spectrum, from source tagging to in-store operations and ROI, that have led to some of the most notable global successes in the RFID retail market to date.

In a webinar hosted with RFID Journal, the two discussed many benefits of retail inventory software, including how RFID inlay efficiency has improved whilst reducing in price, in fact, we learnt that there was a 65% inlay reduction over that last 12 years. This not only means an increase in ROI for retailers but also huge environmental benefits, with less product making it to landfill.

Inlay sensitivity levels are increasing which means they can be picked up by handheld RFID inventory management solution’s like SML’s Clarity® Enterprise Software significantly faster. Reducing staff hours but highly improved the inventory accuracy when taking stock counts, offers another opportunity for retailers to generate ROI.

Viewers will learn that item-level RFID improves many areas, like the supply chain efficiency though shipping accuracy and box packing for up to 90%, which provides better shipping information to retailers who can then effectively better their customer’s experience.

To watch the full webinar on RFID Journal’s website, click here. You can also learn more from RFID Journal’s latest roundup article “100 Million Reasons Why Retailers Should Use RFID” here.

SML RFID is also a silver sponsor for RFID Journal Live! Europe taking place in London 7th November. You can visit us at stand 21 for more information on how you can optimize retail supply chain operations and fulfil the omnichannel requirement through item-level RFID solutions.